October 10, 2008


here's a little bit about myself. Nadya got the info from my friend, RobCox who wrote this in 2004. thanks Rob. some additional info was gathered from various forums and add by us.


Fighting Name: Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn
Namsuk= the most mighty, Noi = Junior or little

Birth Date: October 13, 1979

Birth place: Surat Thani, Thailand

Style: Muay Thai

Height: 1,77 m

Weight: 61.5kg (135Ibs)

Titles :

Lumpinee Champion 115 lbs

Lumpinee Champion 122 lbs

Lumpinee Champion 135 lbs ( 2000-2006 )

WMC World Champion 115 lbs

PABA Boxing Champion 135 lbs

Ford Ranger Tournament winner

Champion of South of Thailand 95 lbs

Champion of South of Thailand et 126 lbs

Voted Best Fighther of the year 1996 by the Sportswriters Association of Thailand

Voted Best Fighther of the year 1999 by the Sports Autority of Thailand

Best Wai Kru/Ram Muay of the year 2001

Best Wai Kru/Ram Muay of the year 2006
Records :

About 300 Fights , 280 Wins, 15 Loses , 5 Draws
* record was until 2004.

Born in Surat Thani province in the south of Thailand, Namsaknoi started MuayThai like a lot of his fellow countrymen at a very young age. Born to Muslim parents and given the name Mohammud Chaiyama, Namsaknoi started fighting at the age of 9 and soon started to make a name for himself in the MuayThai ring. After making steady progress his trainer in the South took him to Kiatsingnoi camp in Bangkok where Namsaknoi also started to impress.

After a short while though his trainer took him outside Bangkok, to the newly formed Kiatpramuk or Por Pramuk camp. This was around 1994 and Namsaknoi fast established a reputation as a future big name star. Fighting originally on Sukonesongchai promotions, Namsaknoi won his first major titles when he beat Nungpichit Sityodthong to win the Lumpini and w.m.c world flyweight championship belts.

After a very impressive year in 1996 Namsaknoi won the most prestigious award for boxers in Thailand, when he got the vote from the sportswriters association of Thailand for the fighter of the year.

Namsaknoi's next title came after he Knocked out Lamnamoon Sor Sumalee with an elbow in the 3rd round to take the Lumpini stadium Superfeatherweight title. Namsanoi then went on to win the Ford Ranger tournament and 3 years after winning the sportswriters award for fighter of the year, Namsaknoi was again voted fighter of the year this time by the sports authority of Thailand.

Next title for Namsaknoi was the Lumpini lightweight title which he won by beating Kaolan Kaowichit on points in June 2000 and still holds to this present day.

After struggling to find credible opponents, Namsaknoi had a brief spell of fighting under International boxing rules, where he knocked out Shuki Rozenweig of Israel in round 5 to win the vacant P.A.B.A lightweight title.
Namsaknoi has shared the ring with many a top name with 3 wins over Samkor Kiatmonthep, 2 wins over Kaolan Kaowichit and 2 wins over Sanchai Sor Kingstar. Both Kaolan and Sanchai also having been former boxers of the year. He has also had the opportunity to fight abroad with fights in Korea and Japan where he stopped the dangerous and highly regarded Kobayashi in two rounds after his elbows opened up some nasty cuts.

In 2001 Namsaknoi also got given a special award for his exceptional Wai Kruu.

As well as all his stadium titles Namsaknoi was also champion of southern Thailand at 95 and 126 pounds.

at the age of 25 Namsaknoi still has a lot of fight in him but the only problem is finding a credible opponent at Lightweight to give him a real test. This has seen him having to fight out of his weight class at Lightwelterweight where despite his obvious class it is sometimes a very difficult weight handicap to overcome.

(Story by Rob Cox - axkickboxing.com)

He kept his Lumpinee belt from 2000 to 2006 remaining undefeated defending his championship. In 2006 he was destitute since he hadn't promoter anymore.He retired in 2006, living one of the best record in Thailand, and considered as one of the best Thai fighter ever. He was in a little island of koh pahngan and teach muay thai for couple of years. he currently move to Chaweng Stadium in Samui and continue teaching there, till date.



At October 11, 2008 at 11:48 AM , Blogger AWANGNOI said...

happy becoming birthday to MAT

At April 15, 2009 at 4:17 PM , Blogger atheena said...

the best muay thai fighter..
i really admired ur wai kru..u really inspired me in muay thai..u are one of the reason y i learn muay thai..huhuhu..hopefully one day,i could go to ur gym in thailand.but one thing for sure,i'll definitely looking forward to meet u next month...


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