April 1, 2009

namsaknoi Vs buakaw

Good day.
its no april fool... i found this @ K1-Fan Forum.
thanks to CamDiggy for the poster photo & Rob 82 for the youtube link.


currently, namsaknoi is the head coach @ RawaiGym.
for more info on namsaknoi, teaching @ Rawai, feel free to visit RAWAI GYM website.

till then, have a good day & cheers from malaysia.



March 13, 2009

Teaching @ Chaweng Stadium

Hi All,

during my short visit to Samui last December, i got the opportunity to watch Namsaknoi train his students. here are some of the pictured of Namsaknoi and his 2 student, Gerald from France & Manuela from Italy.

i'll post more photos and stories later. my apology for no frequent update as i was busy with other obligations.

December 23, 2008

hi all,
i found this link via Rawai's Forum, posted by danny and K-1 fans forum posted by valheruking. featuring namsaknoi during his pro prumuk camp time. maybe somewhere in 2005 or 2006. its in Japanese language and even when we dont understand it, it looks so damn funny.

to watch from youtube link, click HERE


p/s: namsaknoi says hello from samui. he wanna thanks all for visiting his blog.



November 25, 2008

muhd. in RAWAI GYM

hello readers and friends,

currently, muhd/namsaknoi is at Rawai Gym Camp, Phuket - Thailand. he will be there until approximately mid of December ( 8th December) as Guest Trainer for a couple of weeks. Some more, his 'big brother'/old friend and former trainer, mr.Ronee is there in Rawai Gym, just recently appointed as one of the 16 trainer in Rawai Gym. Before, Ronee was based in Kedah, Malaysia and Hadnyai before he got the offer to work in Phuket. its a good few weeks for the two of them to catch up with each other and at the same time, work in a same place.

here's some photos, courtesy and copyrights of Danny Avison - Rawai Muaythai Camp.

1. namsaknoi with his former trainer and good friend, Ronee.
2. namsaknoi with one of his student, hovrick :)
my thank you for your support and permission. please keep us updated if you have any interesting news, related to namsaknoi & rawai gym during his stay in Phuket.


November 22, 2008

email from sweden

hi & greetings,
i didn't get hold of namsaknoi
to get his latest updates for almost 3 weeks. the period where i called - him being MIA..hehe. its turned out that he's currently @ Rawai Gym, Phuket for a couple of weeks. Bad weather in Samui, apparently and makes him travel to phuket for a while. he'll be there until mid of December as Guest Trainer. Do contact Rawai Gym for more detail.

Namsaknoi says HELLO to everyone and tell that he's doing fine.

on another note,
aaccidentally, i saw a massage left by mr.hakan to namsaknoi in Facebook and reply on his behalf
( im the online manager/personel for namsaknoi..so, this is one of my task) here's heis reply and with his permission, ii get to share his email with all

my thank you, mr.Hakan of Sweden,

Namsaknoi in Swedish media

Dear Nadya,

Thank you so much for your mail/contact via Facebook.
I'm sorry to hear that Namsaknoi is not felling well and I hope he recover soon.

Let me tell you my "story" in short. I've been training on and of for a year or so, with a Swedish club. But I've also done some traing with Sor. Vorapin in Bangkok when I've been there in my work as a journalist. I write books and articles about health and training for swedish media.

I was at Samui for holliday with my family when I heard that Namnsaknoi was teaching at the gym. I went there to check it out and I was realy amazed about the private lessons Namsaknoi gave me. I did not tell him my intensions to write anout him as I first of all wanted lessons for my self and to see the training.

Namsaknoi was realy eager to teach me the correct stands, the correct techniques. He was realy good with small details and an excellent teacher.

I "saw" that there was a lot of potential to get Namsaknoi's training camp interesting for people from Sweden on holliday.

Kind regards,

Håkan Jörgensen
Chefredaktör / Editor
Hälsingegatan 11
11323 Stockholm

November 7, 2008

namsaksoi, samui n Chaweng Stadium - by tateZ.com

greetings reader,
i received a post from our friend and journalist, mr.tate zandstra on namsaknoi, koh samui and his gym.. my many thank you for the news, updates and lovely photos.

Bright lights come up, drowning the spinning rainbow kaleidoscope of the massive disco ball hung almost preposterously above the boxing ring. The blend of generic American and Euro pop music abruptly stops, and the traditional drum and flute music of the Muay Thai bout shrills, grating, through the dense, wet island air.

Said to be an irresistible call to battle for the ardent warrior, the music, as
advertised, draws two fighters to the ring. Garbed in colorful shorts, boxing gloves, and and a monk blessed headband, the fighters ignore each other as they go about the Ram Muay, a ritual best described as being part dance, part stretch, and part physical display. The fighters composed, Ram Muay finished, and after a brief pause for prayer, the Nak Muay, barely older than boys, turn toward one another, their faces reflective of no emotion, and the fight, which will be full contact, fierce and dangerous, begins…Seasoned pro to absolute beginner, for a range of fitness goals; weight loss, strength, flexibility, endurance, or to fine tune the tricks of the trade; if you want to learn Muay (Boxing) Thai from one of the finest fighters Thailand has ever produced, now is your chance.

Namsaknoi, as he is known in the ring, has recently retired from full time professional fighting with 300 or so bouts and a laundry list of titles from the most prestigious governing bodies in Thailand, the home of Muay Thai. Emerging from the village of Chaiya, in the southern province of Surat Thani, Mohammed Chaiyama began winning titles, and attracting attention, as a young boy. As he grew older and gained weight, Namsaknoi, his ring name inspired by his uncle, the original Namsak (Great One) captured titles in each weight division he entered, from 35 kilograms (77 pounds) to 61 Kilograms (135 pounds). He finished his career, after twenty years, at the world renowned Por. Pramuk gym, from where his former stablemate Buakaw has gained international fame for his success in Japan's K1 circuit.

In his own brief career as an international fighter, Namsaknoi defeated world class fighters in japan and Korea, though the bulk of his accomplishments were achieved the much more unforgiving arenas of Thailand, which earned him three Lumpinee belts, two prestigious Sports Writer's Association Fighter of the Year awards, and various other captured titles.

Koh Samui, a tropical jewel set amid the Thai kingdom's dazzling crown of islands which stretches along the southern shore of the Gulf of Thailand, Namsaknoi trains at Chaweng stadium. White sand beaches, tropical jungle, historic landmarks, international restaurants and a relentless nightlife compete for your off time. Samui offers a range of hotels to fit all budgets; from world class resorts to simple beach bungalows, and many affordable, air conditioned, clean rooms, all of which can be arranged for by Namsaknoi and the staff of Chaweng stadium prior to your arrival.

Training morning, afternoon, or both, your training will begin with a short "shadow boxing" warm up, followed by several supervised rounds learning or perfecting the techniques of Muay Thai; kick, punch, knee, block, and elbow, which you will consequently be called upon to employ when you step into the ring with Namsaknoi, who will teach you how to use your techniques against a live opponent. Training finishes with clinching; an integral, though often overlooked facet of the sport, one upon which the outcome of a fight often rests.

Several times each week, one of the various boxing stadiums around the island holds an event, giving you the opportunity to see Muay Thai in action, up close, which may divide it from many other martial arts, which do not regularly engage in competition. For those most serious about their training, the stadium manager can arrange an opponent for you. The experience of entering the ring, in Thailand, amid the atmosphere and tradition, even if only once, is the ultimate experience in Muay Thai, and win or lose, you will understand the reason behind the rigorous training; and, in your corner, you will know you have a powerful ally; Namsaknoi.

Photo left : Namsaknoi and writer, tate zandra.

thanks alot again Tate. it would be great to receive more posting on namsaknoi and related topic in the future.

for more info and read stories by tate, feel free to visit his website at : tateZ.com and can be contact at : Tate.zandstra@gmail.com

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October 13, 2008

birthday wishes

my name is nadya and i'm a friend of namsaknoi. here's my birthday note to him.

Sawadee ka Dear Muhd,
Happy Happy Birthday to you. May Allah bless you with great health, greater wealth and may He look upon you always.

You are a great fighter of all time, before and always.., and I hope you will continue to train yourself and train your student to be the best. I hope, reaching this age, you will be wiser as you grow older, take control of your life and always a good son to your parents, a dear brother to your siblings, cool uncle to your nieces and nephews, and an awesome friend to your friends. may you have more happiness and comfort in your life, in the near future.

Enjoy life all you can, but never forget where you belong.. and keep chasing your dream. Work hard and don’t be lazy :D we’re never to old to learn new things..

be safe, be good. Always remember to keep your feet on the ground and think before you act. Most of all, remember Allah, pray to Him. He will guide us.

Happy 29nd birthday, namsaknoi!
have a great years ahead and enjoy your birthday.

p/s : i also post the birthday note n special entry on my blog for him. feel free to visit.



today 13th october, is my birthday. one year older then last. im happy and i wish everyone, a happy day as well. take good care and salaam.



October 11, 2008

Training with NSN : price & info

Chaweng Stadium address:

Muay Thai price list and schedule:
morning : 8.30am - 10.30am
afternoon : 4.00pm-6.30pm

1 day training: from 8.30 - 10.30 am 350 BAHT, from 4.00 - 6.30 pm 350 BAHT, morning and afternoon trainings 600 BAHT

1 week training: morning 2000 BAHT, afternoon 2000 BAHT, morning and afternoon trainings 3500 BAHT

2 weeks training: morning 3800 BAHT, afternoon 3800 BAHT, morning and afternoon 6500 BAHT

3 weeks training: morning 5500 BAHT, afternoon 5500 BAHT, morning and afternoon 9500 BAHT

1 month training: morning 7000 BAHT, afternoon 7000 BAHT, morning and afternoon 12000 BAHT.

Food and accomodation are not included in the price.
* namsaknoi can help suggest for food & accomondation nearby the stadium area.

There are a lot of low price bungalows near the stadium with very little comfort. But there are also nice, clean hotels with restaurants (hot water, air condition...) for about 1100 BAHT bed and breakfast. These pricese are for the low season, consider slightly expensive price during high season ( i will get namsaknoi to check for the detail price later..~nadya)

Chaweng Stadium Info.

Stadium info
Fight night : 3 times a week @ Chaweng Stadium every Tuesday, Friday & Saturday night.
The admission fee starts from 800B, 1000B, 1200B and 1500B (VIP)

Chaweng Stadium is really easy to reach. It is about 10 min walking from the main street in Chaweng. For those who come by plane they just have to get a taxi and ask the driver to get them to the Chaweng Stadium. Around 400 BAHT will be charge for 2 person from airport to the Stadium. For 4 person it is 125 BAHT per person - but it is a bigger taxi or a mini bus.

There are a lot of low price bungalows near the stadium with very little comfort. But there are also nice, clean hotels with restaurants (hot water, air condition...) for about 1100 BAHT bed and breakfast. These prices are for the low season (which is now). Aspect a slightly expensive price during peak season. The accommodations above are about 100 m from the stadium. The stadium is about 10 min walking from Chaweng beach.

*more info on stadium will be udpated and post later.