November 25, 2008

muhd. in RAWAI GYM

hello readers and friends,

currently, muhd/namsaknoi is at Rawai Gym Camp, Phuket - Thailand. he will be there until approximately mid of December ( 8th December) as Guest Trainer for a couple of weeks. Some more, his 'big brother'/old friend and former trainer, mr.Ronee is there in Rawai Gym, just recently appointed as one of the 16 trainer in Rawai Gym. Before, Ronee was based in Kedah, Malaysia and Hadnyai before he got the offer to work in Phuket. its a good few weeks for the two of them to catch up with each other and at the same time, work in a same place.

here's some photos, courtesy and copyrights of Danny Avison - Rawai Muaythai Camp.

1. namsaknoi with his former trainer and good friend, Ronee.
2. namsaknoi with one of his student, hovrick :)
my thank you for your support and permission. please keep us updated if you have any interesting news, related to namsaknoi & rawai gym during his stay in Phuket.



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