November 22, 2008

email from sweden

hi & greetings,
i didn't get hold of namsaknoi
to get his latest updates for almost 3 weeks. the period where i called - him being MIA..hehe. its turned out that he's currently @ Rawai Gym, Phuket for a couple of weeks. Bad weather in Samui, apparently and makes him travel to phuket for a while. he'll be there until mid of December as Guest Trainer. Do contact Rawai Gym for more detail.

Namsaknoi says HELLO to everyone and tell that he's doing fine.

on another note,
aaccidentally, i saw a massage left by mr.hakan to namsaknoi in Facebook and reply on his behalf
( im the online manager/personel for, this is one of my task) here's heis reply and with his permission, ii get to share his email with all

my thank you, mr.Hakan of Sweden,

Namsaknoi in Swedish media

Dear Nadya,

Thank you so much for your mail/contact via Facebook.
I'm sorry to hear that Namsaknoi is not felling well and I hope he recover soon.

Let me tell you my "story" in short. I've been training on and of for a year or so, with a Swedish club. But I've also done some traing with Sor. Vorapin in Bangkok when I've been there in my work as a journalist. I write books and articles about health and training for swedish media.

I was at Samui for holliday with my family when I heard that Namnsaknoi was teaching at the gym. I went there to check it out and I was realy amazed about the private lessons Namsaknoi gave me. I did not tell him my intensions to write anout him as I first of all wanted lessons for my self and to see the training.

Namsaknoi was realy eager to teach me the correct stands, the correct techniques. He was realy good with small details and an excellent teacher.

I "saw" that there was a lot of potential to get Namsaknoi's training camp interesting for people from Sweden on holliday.

Kind regards,

Håkan Jörgensen
Chefredaktör / Editor
Hälsingegatan 11
11323 Stockholm


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